Waiting for Inspiration

Yup, I know I shouldn’t be doing this…. waiting for inspiration.  But at least its a start, right?  Right???  After all, I can get rid of this when I REALLY have something to say, can’t I?

Just you wait… the time will come when you wish I would just shut up!  But then, better than if you had to actually listen to me. After all, it’s easier to navigate away from a blog than it is to turn on your heel and walk away – or at least it is for most people.  So feel free to stay or go.  Your phantom will be caught in the blog stats, anyway, just in case there’s a need for validation (or despair, depending).  So do whatever you want!  It’s totally, completely, absolutely up to you.

So there!  Empowerment, whether you want it or not!  Now, eat your soup, before it gets cold.

~ by arcticwren on September 22, 2009.

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