100 Words / Prompt: Gratuitous

“It’s not about sustained happiness, not at this point,” she says, simply.

“What is it, then?” I prompt.

“It’s about recognizing moments.  Not hours, or days, or years, but moments that are… perfect.”

“Such as?”

“Moonlight glistening on newly fallen snow.  Lamplight caressing the curve of your daughter’s cheek as she concentrates on homework at the kitchen table.  Catching a whiff of bread baking as you drive with the windows rolled down.  Waking up to songbirds.”

She smiles.

“It’s in these moments of… of gratuitous joy – in these unlooked for, perfect moments – that we can know happiness.  And that’s enough.”


~ by arcticwren on March 5, 2011.

12 Responses to “100 Words / Prompt: Gratuitous”

  1. This IS a beautiful perspective and a beautiful image. I’d love to read the essay if you write it.

  2. Why, thank you. I’m honored.

  3. […] why this piece from ArcticWren stood out for me this […]

  4. This speaks to me. Those punctuated moments of perfection is often how I perceive the world.

    This one, I’ve decided, is my pick of the week.

  5. Very well written. I enjoyed it.

  6. Thank you for the comments. I feel like there’s a longer essay lurking on this, if I ever get around to writing it!

  7. Gratuitous joy… I like it. we should all look for these moments more and we’d be better for it!

  8. Love this philosophy…it’s one I’m trying to cultivate in myself these days!

  9. Very thoughtful and stark.

  10. ‘Gratuitous joy’… I really like this description. It is in those precious moments that we find simple happiness.

  11. Oh, how true. The little moments of beauty do count for so much.

  12. aha – love growing older – and discovering what is REALLY important about that love. I like this.

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