100 Words / Prompt: Cuffs

WARNING: This piece is written as a tirade, and as such, contains vulgar language.  If you have delicate sensibilities please do not read any further.


Stupid fucking designers.  Like fat women don’t want sensible clothes.  No, they have to be beaded or spangled or have ruffles big enough to hide the china in.  Or some stupid print of butterflies or seashells, or flowers the size of magpies.  Ever hear of a simple oxford shirt, you twits?  Made of actual cotton, without boat-sized cuffs or pleated yolks or stripes in spearmint and fucking cotton candy?  And what about those of us who aren’t statuesque with huge boobs?  Yeah, I know it’s my fucking fault I’m fat, you think I’m not reminded of that every fucking day?

~ by arcticwren on March 25, 2011.

7 Responses to “100 Words / Prompt: Cuffs”

  1. This is great!

  2. It almost feels like they are trying to put some kind of “fashion fail” camouflage on certain body types. The alternative, of course, is to not find yourself in such a template – but that’s not a simple thing to do for many of us. Or to have the money to be more discriminating – but that’s not a simple thing for many of us, as well.

  3. I felt this way years ago when expecting my first child and was faced with hideous maternity clothing options. Since when did being pregnant signify a return to childhood bows and polka-dots and such?

  4. Great rant! and… I completely agree. Somewhere a room full of designers are chuckling over the clothing they offer ‘women of a certain size.’ If I never see another ruffle I can die happy.

  5. Spot on, blogfriend. Great piece in more ways than one!

  6. I do wonder what designers are thinking sometimes; I can’t believe it’s only about money or they’d make better decisions! The frustration in piece is clearly evident and shared by many!

  7. AMEN, Sistah from another Mistah!!! I’m with you on this one.

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