100 Words / Prompt: Chasm

NOTE:  Again, something different.  Rather than a complete, pithy, evocative piece, this entry is a fragment of a much bigger story – hopefully it makes the reader think not only, “what comes next” but also, “what happened?”  In and of itself, it is not much, but desires to hold more promise than actual substance.


The chasm suddenly loomed before him, and he reined up hard to keep his mount from plunging into the black depths.  “Damn,” he swore, breathing hard.  The others pulled up, horses nervously snorting and dancing at the edge of the cliff.

“They’ve driven us farther South than I realized,” he announced, edgily.  “We can’t outrun them, and we can’t double back.”

“We split up, then”, the thief said.


“Listen, you must trust me.  Lead them on; I’ll hide the Princess in the valley until they pass, then escort her to safety.”

Their only chance – but he didn’t like it.

~ by arcticwren on May 22, 2011.

3 Responses to “100 Words / Prompt: Chasm”

  1. I feel like I got dropped smack in the middle of a great adventure!

  2. Ooooh … that’s fun. I like the idea of the thief taking the princess, and I’m thinking that the leader guy should listen to his instincts …

  3. never like those choices – nice job – waiting for more. 🙂

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