100 Words / Prompt: Forward

My childhood memories are so vivid; overwhelming joy nestled in sunshine and butterflies.  Later my heart filled to bursting for family, friends, landscapes.  Falling in love was a glorious affair, each time.  Art, work, children – each filled me to the brink.

Looking back at my life moving forward, I see now where the grace began to leech out, joy trickling away like water in a cracked pot.  Too many missions accomplished, too many cases closed.  Now my life is empty, awaiting closure.  Now my heart is filled with sadness, and loneliness – but at least it is still full of something.

~ by arcticwren on July 9, 2011.

5 Responses to “100 Words / Prompt: Forward”

  1. So easy, TOO easy, for life to wear at all our soft spots, to drain us until we are calloused and hollow. There is always a way back.

  2. Feels heavy at the end of it……

  3. Aw, very bittersweet. I enjoyed this, very well written.

  4. Oh! How poignant. We all have to guard against letting our joy trickle away. I love your use of words. Great imagery.

  5. I love the contrast in this piece. Thanks for sharing!

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