100 Words / Thriftless

To stand at the crux of life and then step into the unknown,
to dare adventure to sweep you away
past plans,
past comfort,
towards that nebulous idea of destiny.

To do more than dabble,
closing the door of safe haven behind you and to venture reckless,
flinging yourself into the arms of fate
taking leaps of faith like pebbles skipped
across the becalmed pond
sinking yet to rise again
with tears, or shouts of joy
or groaning
in search of desire
or to float in dreams
until the bell of some distant supper calls you home.

~ by arcticwren on May 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “100 Words / Thriftless”

  1. Oh I like this one! It gives ‘thriftless’ a positive spin, which is totally unexpected and fun!

  2. You been peeking in my window? I’m standing at just such a crossroads listening for that clear recognizable bell. 🙂 Really enjoyed this.

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