100 Words / Prompt: Road Trip

She props her chin on her drawn up knee, rocking the porch glider gently in the dark.  The rusty screws scree faintly in the quiet of the night – or as quiet as the city gets, in the pre-dawn hours after the gangstas collapse and before the sparrows awaken.  A match flares as she lights a despotic cigarette; when the flare dies down she sees the ratty Ford parked at the curb.  God, what she wouldn’t give to just hop in that car and drive, anywhere, no where.  “Just a short road trip,” she would lie, if anyone asked.  Yeah, right.


~ by arcticwren on August 31, 2012.

6 Responses to “100 Words / Prompt: Road Trip”

  1. very discriptive. I know the feeling of wanting to get into the car and just go.. Well done.

  2. RUN!!! There’s a big world out there – run.

    great take on the prompt.

    • Thanks, Barbara. Sometimes the desire is there, but not the circumstances. And sometimes, when it’s fight or flight, running may not help much! It might be fun to consider what might happen if “she” were to take one, then the other option – or something totally different!

  3. Loved this. And so close to being fantastic, that I’d love to see you rewrite without the 100 word restriction. Let me know if you do.

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